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There are lots of ways to help Bob Wondergem get Re-Elected this November 8th.  We would love to have your support and participation in this great campaign to have a conservative voice for our kids.   Check one or more boxes below and fill out your information and we will be sure to get ahold of you soon.

Get A Yard Sign Anchor

For yard signs we are delivering them right to your doorsteps once we have 10 separate requests for them.

If you would like delivery sooner just tell some more folks about Bob and how to get their own sign.
Send them here to this page and have them fill out the form below.

The more sign request the faster the delivery :)

Volunteer Form

Check one or more ways you would like to help Bob's Campaign
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Please Fill In Your Contact Information Below

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Committee To

Re-Elect Bob Wondergem
For Grandville School Board

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