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About Me

Grandville School District Voters

My name is Bob Wondergem

My family and I have been Grandville residents for over 30+ years.

For 20+ of those years, I have served diligently on the Grandville Public School Board.  My wife Vicki and I have been married for 34 years and have
raised our 2 sons (our oldest has special needs) with conservative Grandville values.  Both have long since graduated from our great school and we are thankful for all the support, knowledge, and wisdom they received from teachers, coaches, and staff.


It's in that appreciation and knowledge of what our school system can provide our kids that I continue to strive to serve our great school and community.


I have been humbled to be able to provide leadership and join in other opportunities to serve in our community as well.  For 10 years I served as the Director for the Challenger Division (Individuals with special needs) with the Grandville Little League.   I have been a past member of the KISD Parent Advisory Council for Families of Children with Special Needs, and part of the Special Education Advisory Commission (SEAC) for the Michigan Department of Education.


Serving Students First followed by Families, Community, and Staff is how I will always place my priorities.


This November 8th I am running for Re-Election to the Grandville Public School Board.  I look forward to providing a Conservative Voice for Students, Families and Staff and to uphold Grandville Values once again.




Bob Wondergem.

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Bob Wondergem Has Been Officially Endorsed By The Following

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Grandville Parents For Education Website
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What Parent Want
  • To recover from the backward movement in student achievement due to mask restrictions from Covid precautions in both test scores and social behavior

  • Traditional education for their children as a primary focus – the negative impact of reduced transparency from administration and teachers

  • Removal of CRT, pronouns and other woke social elements that have crept into our schools over the course of the past few years since the start of Covid. This has brought the ire of parents as they experience the loss of the harmony within all of our schools from elementary schools to middle school and high school

What Grandville Parents Want

Why I'm Running


Why I'm Running

To Provide a Conservative Voice for Students and Families, and to Support Family and Grandville Community Values

My Priorities
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My Decision Priorities:

  • I will always focus every decision on 4 key areas:

    • Students

    • Families

    • Community

    • Staff

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